The long lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic has brought schools, colleges and other educational institutions and ushered in the citywide classroom, to a standstill: tens of thousands of students in cities and towns are glued to computers and smartphone screens as teachers take to online apps for lectures, tutorials and assessments. In this situation, the scene of Indian Classical arts is no different. Online classical dances have taken the art world by storm. Teachers and students of online Bharatanatyam - an ancient traditional classical dance form of India, enter a new world of virtual lectures and worksheets as the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus shuts down schools and colleges.

Numerous children and parents have taken fancy to Indian Classical Dance, which was once upon a time termed as a ‘dying’ art form, as the youth of India didn’t seem too interested at one point in time at the peak of globalization. But with India taking the centre stage in most events today, Indian Classical dance forms such as Bharatnatyam have been a spotlight for most Indians as well as foreigners.

As we discuss the topic of online Bharatanatyam dance Classes, there are some key ingredients, which are very important that ensure efficient learning of Bharatanatyam classes online. Unlike studies, sports and dance involve a lot of kinesthetic skills, which could be difficult to demonstrate if these key ingredients are not present in the classes:

• Ambience
• Technique
• Documentation
• Clear Structure and Organization

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Bharatanatyam classes online

Given, that classes are virtual , most think that the ambience doesn’t play a vital role. WRONG. Virtually enhanced backgrounds that are provided in apps, only act as a temporary solution and interfere in quality online teaching. Bharatanatyam classes online require an ambience that has ample space to demonstrate steps, physical movements, and exercises, Adavus etc.

The Attire of the teacher also plays an important role. A casually dressed or ill-dressed teacher does not inspire the student to learn. These points prove to be an integral component of online Bharatanatyam classes for beginners, who are budding learners and new to the art form, and are looking to get inspired. This is where SSCD can prove to be your choice pick in best online Bharatanatyam classes.

SSCD is a pioneer in online Bharatanatyam classes for adults as well, that require finesse, an artistic decorum and aesthetic. Such online classes for adults and advanced students channel the inner artistic spirit, facilitated by a beautiful décor of an ambience, which the up-to-date art studios of SSCD possess.


Bharatanatyam as a repertoire is very geometric, forceful, systematic and linear. It requires great precision in understanding formation of shapes, lines and formations. To amply demonstrate these concepts in an online Bharatanatyam dance class for a beginner as well as an advanced student, needs great amount of physical space as well as sound concepts in the technique.


Online Bharatanatyam classes or Online Classical dances in general have to be extremely well documented. There has to be a clear distinction between theory and practical knowledge and the syllabus has to be presented immaculately. At SSCD, we are touted to be the best platform for online Bharatanatyam classes or for learning Bharatanatyam online, due to our well-exposed and globally renowned faculty. Apart from being a class actress, Sreejaya is well known for her passion and commitment to Indian Classical Dance and showcasing the same in online Bharatanatyam classes in India or worldwide is no different matter.

Clear Structure and Organization

When it comes to crafting a course of any kind, obvious attention has to be paid to drafting a well-sought syllabus in an organized and updated format. Facts learnt should be in sync with current scenarios as well as the rich ancient heritage of the art form needs to be preserved. In that aspect, SSCD does justice to being the provider of one of the best online Bharatanatyam classes, as they do a fine act of balancing the traditional and the modern. It is viably visible in the course content, that whatsoever students would learn is well organized and aptly structured and also categorized according to online classical dance classes for beginners and online Bharatanatyam classes for adults.

With the advent of online Bharatanatyam classes in India and a mindset change among the people in the world, SSCD typically ensures taking online Bharatanatyam dance to a whole new class and level, involving a spectrum of expertise, technique, ambience and style.

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