Refund and Termination Policy

We maintain a very professional, cordial and long term relationship with our students (customers), However, in the event of some unfortunate circumstances as mentioned below, the refund and termination policy is also given below:

  • Health issues resulting in inability to dance or attend class.
  • Transfer of student or parent to a different city or a place within the same city which does not have a SSCD branch or a suitable batch.
  • Dissatisfaction from the part of student / customer towards the conduct of our class.
  • Rude behavior, irregular fee payment or any other issue created by the student / customer.

Refund Policy

  • A refund of the excess fee paid will be made for all of the above instances from (a) to (d) by online payment to the student / customer's bank account for the classes not attended after deduction for the number of classes attended.
  • Registration fee paid by the student / customer will not be refunded under any circumstance.

Termination Policy

A student will be terminated in the event of point number (d) as stated above.

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