Bharatanatyam Instills Grace, Style & Sophistication

"The dancer is at once the sculptor, sculpting and structuring space, in forms both graceful and powerful. She is the painter, adding tints and hues to a line drawing, bringing it to life. She is the poet, writing her poems with movements, gestures and expressions. Ultimately she is the seeker, whose dance becomes a transcendental, transforming experience - a joyous prayer with one’s very being."

- Alarmel Valli

Sreejaya's School of Classical Dance was instituted to impart Bharatanatyam skills and faithfully nurture our classical Bharatanatyam traditions.

The dance school starts training from age 6 and ladies of all ages. Dance lessons include theory as well as practical in progressive succession inculcating technique, artistry and creativity.

Our dance school trains students of various age groups through an established program with multiple levels of training and skill level. The school regularly presents “Nrithya Sandhya” (evening of dance), a stage performance by students.

Alumnus of Sreejaya's School of Classical Dance have attained distinction as star performers, many of our students are reputed Bharatanatyam dance teachers and recognized choreographers successfully fulfilling the school’s aim of preserving and spreading the art form of Bharatanatyam in its purest form with devotion and dedication.

Classical Bharatanatyam Classes for All Ages in Multiple Locations in Bangalore


HSR Layout

Harlur Road



Eligibility: Girls aged 6 years & above & adult ladies

Bharatanatyam Training

  • Where the Hands go -Eyes follows
  • Where the Eyes go -Mind follows
  • Where the Mind goes, Emotions are nurtured
  • And Inspiring Creativity

  • bharat-icon1All of these exercises lead to the development of mental skills and builds mental alertness.
  • bharat-icon2Practice of the Mudras or Hastas and Karanas is critical to perform the dance well.
  • bharat-icon3Bharatanatyam makes the body & mind agile.
  • bharat-icon4The dancer has to pay attention to the body movements and maintain synchronization.
  • bharat-icon5A performer has to remember the steps, names of the various steps, different moves, the beats and rhythm of the song.
Divinity Exemplified


  • Adavus - Steps,
  • Hastas – Hand Gestures,
  • Abhinaya – Expressions,
  • dance items – Ranga Pooja,
  • Alarippu
  • Pushpanjali
  • Jathiswaram
  • Ganesha Stuthi
  • Shabdam
  • Varnam
  • Padam
  • Keerthanam
  • Javali
  • Thillana

Traditional Bharatanatyam Prerequisites:


Our Branches


No.898, ATNT Complex, No.7, 2nd Floor, 80 Feet Road, 6th Block, Koramangala,
Opposite Indian Oil Petrol Pump,
Bangalore - 560095.
Karnataka, India.

HSR Layout

#800, 'Spandana Tower',
Next to Aishwarya Department Store,
19th Main, 2nd Sector,
HSR Layout, Bangalore - 560 102.
Karnataka, India.


#183, "Sree Sai Harsha" Building,
2nd Floor, Opp. Forum Neighborhood Mall,
Whitefield Main Road,
Bangalore - 560066,
Karnataka, India.

Harlur Road

No.36, “Megha Arcade”, 2nd Floor,
Above Domino's, Haralur Main Road,
Reliable Residency, Bangalore – 560102,
Karnataka, India.


No.733, 46th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Near Sangam Circle,
Bangalore - 560082,
Karnataka, India.

Registered Office

"Mithila", # 104, 5th Cross, Reliable Tranquil, Haralur Road, Bangalore - 560102. Karnataka. India.

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